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Individual Counseling

I want you to feel seen and heard. Through compassion and

empathic presence, I create a safe space for you to heal, grow

and come to more self-understanding,

self-awareness and most importantly, self-acceptance.

Do you ever feel stuck in the same cycles of life?

Do you ever feel like you know what you "should" do but somehow you

continue to end up in the same patterns? We all have to navigate the

complexities of our lives and sometimes it makes all the difference

to have a professional therapist to help navigate it with you.

Across all therapeutic modalities, research consistently shows

that the most benefit is derived from psychotherapy when

the therapeutic relationship is positive.  This means that when you feel

understood and cared for, more healing and growth is possible.

I have an Integrative approach to psychotherapy. Using Relational, Humanistic, Mindfulness, Somatic Awareness, Transpersonal, CBT, Trauma Informed and Attachment theories I help you to uncover your True Self for empowered living and to create the relationships you want, with yourself and others.

Relational Counseling

(Commonly known as Couples Counseling)

I will assist you in understanding the dynamics of your relationship(s) in a way that illuminates what is working for your relational health and what is working against it.  We will look at what is happening within you individually and between you from an emotionally focused orientation. Once we have identified patterns, we do the “heavy lifting” of implementing change.  I will listen deeply to what is alive in each of you and what your hopes and fears are for your relationship so that partners gain more insight into yourselves and each other.  My training in the neurophysiology of attachment informs this work as we identify how patterns in adult relationships were formed in relationship to our first attachment figures (our parents or guardians).  My philosophy is that we all want to feel connected and loved but often our very attempts to create that will have the opposite result due to unconscious patterns, beliefs and habits.   Creating new patterns in our adult relationships is the very medicine to help us heal our childhood wounds and develop healthy interactions in all of our relations.  We work at your pace to discover what is possible for you at this time in your life in your intimate relationship.

*I work with traditional and non-traditional relationships. I have training and experience with consensual non-monogamy (polyamory), and GLBTQI communities. I believe in equality and empowerment for all people regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, class, race, age, religion and any other difference.



Child Therapy

Children express themselves and communicate through play.  Play Therapy provides an opportunity for a child to be witnessed with unconditional positive regard and empathy.  This becomes a safe place for the child to explore and express feelings, thoughts, experiences and behavior.  Because children are part of a family system and often are expressing what may not be overtly expressed in a family, I often request to have parents join child sessions.  Like adults, when children feel seen, heard, understood and safe, healing and growth become inevitable.


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